Fast-Track Steel

Fast-Track Steel

Rens Welding & Fabricating is a specialist in providing fast-track steel fabrication and installation services. We have a passion for speed. Our agile, flexible production system is configured for quick response. A unique material handling system — with overhead cranes, automated roller conveyors, and hydraulic transfer tables at each fabrication station — breaks down the barriers that slow the production process.  It minimizes down time and the repeated handling of materials. When combined with the multi-skilled capabilities of our employees, strong management communications, and streamlined decision making, fast-track steel projects move rapidly from planning to completion to installation.

Rens Welding & Fabricating relishes work that must be finished yesterday. Need an AESS conservatory frame with custom-built structural members? We got the job done in days. Design and build a front entry structure for a car dealership opening in one month? Our team fabricated and installed the project in less than 2 weeks.

Have a need for speed? Rens Welding & Fabricating’s fast-track steel services deliver industry-leading quality products significantly faster than the competition.

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Apple Store, Market Street, Lynnfield MA

Fast-track project. Custom tapered girders to create thin-profile hip roof. Client pushed for early mobilization ASAP. We communicated to project team the benefits of allowing us to take an extra week to fabricate large roof truss assemblies to limit erecting time. This enabled the project to gain an extra two weeks of schedule by accelerating additional concrete work for underground MEP that otherwise had to start after steel erection.

Custom Monumental Stair, Boston MA

Dunnage frame on existing building. Fast-track project. Fabricated the 10’-0” wide stair in 4 sections that weighed over 12,000 lbs each to limit install time and accelerate the overall project schedule.

Custom Residential Stair Boston, MA

Design-build project. Fabricated and installed on 3rd floor of existing building

1265 Main Street Pergola Waltham, MA

Design-build project. AESS finished. All welded connections sanded to smooth finish. Coordinated hidden connection to support wood purlins to create floating aesthetic.

Shady Hill School Cambridge, MA

Stainless Steel Cable Railing. Fabricated and installed on existing roof edge.

Shady Hill School Cambridge, MA

Monumental Stair with open cantilever tread designed to support glass railing. (Glass railing by others.)

Holiday Inn Aess Entry Canopies, Taunton, MA